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One of her most famous TV commercials being the Nestomolt advertisement.

Although her sexy looks contributed in her becoming one of the most popular actresses in Sri Lanka, she is widely considered as someone with genuine talent for acting.

Professor Athugala, who began writing the opera almost a year ago will direct this major production.

The 150 strong cast comprising some of the country’s leading thespians have been rehearsing for almost six months now.

Eeshwara turns to God Vishnu for help, who assumes the form of a beautiful woman and seduces Basmasura who falls head over heels in love.

In declaring his love, Basmasura places his hand on his head by mistake and disintegrates into ash.

Folk tales are perhaps the most communicative form of expression in theatre.

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She's into producing as well with co-producing the television drama "Prarthana Mal" with Roshan Pilapitiya.Touching on the folk tale aspect of the play Professor Athugala said, “Folk tales are very much underrated in theatre.