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With her long brunette locks pulled back into a high ponytail, the starlet also caught glimmers of the light with her stud earrings which proved the perfect accessorises.

Her older sister Lauryn wrapped her arm firmly around Chloe's incredibly tiny waist to show how inseparable the pair are.

Thus, it may suggest the region of Samaria is named after the Samaritans, rather than the Samaritans being named after the region.

In Jewish tradition, however, it is sometimes claimed that Mount Samaria, meaning "Watch Mountain", is actually named so because watchers used to watch from those mountains for approaching armies from Egypt in ancient times.

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Modern genetics partially support both the claims of the Samaritans and the account in the Hebrew Bible (and Talmud), suggesting that the genealogy of the Samaritans lies in some combination of these two accounts.Conversion to Christianity under the Byzantines also reduced their numbers.

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