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13-Jul-2018 12:57

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She is really devoted and dedicated to what she does.

It was really lovely to see that record have such a wonderful place in music.

We still will play guitar for the old material, but I’m moving away from it in general.

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Tegan and Sara (Tegan Rain Quin and Sara Kiersten Quin) (born September 19 1980, identical twins) are Canadian singer-songwriters. TIME: This album continues the pop sound you introduced on Heartthrob, but it departs in a few radical ways.Namely, is this the first Tegan and Sara album without a single guitar on it?With Heartthrob and this new record, I haven’t even remotely thought about the guitar.

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It just doesn’t play any role in my songwriting or performances.

I think I was already doing that as far back as the Sainthood era [in 2009].

‘This is TRB’s new girlfriend’, she said, without a thought. It’s only the third time I’ve met her, and for all I know, the last time TRB saw her brother-in-law, maybe he had a different girlfriend. because after 6 months together, things don’t feel all that new at all.… continue reading »

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