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18-Dec-2017 21:52

Or have an intimate picnic in bed where you share your most embarrassing and painful experiences.The sharing between you is what can lead to a connection.” Is breaking up the better option?

The Michelangelo phenomenon is a process by which partners shape each other’s goals.

We’re grateful for what we have and we hope that, with work and time, things will get better.

And even when they’re not, they still give us good things — someone to share our day with, to nod sympathetically, to have our back in a tough situation — so we find reasons to stick with them, warts and all.

You’re officially bored with your 9-to-5 relationship, with doing what you have to but not what you want to.

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Clearly, both sides have fallen back a bit.” What to do: The social psychologist says: “Do new things as a couple.If so, download this printable tip card: How to call it off and not be the bad guy * * * The social psychologist says: “The feeling of being overwhelmed can make it really difficult to see how much the other person is contributing.

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